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About Us
An Engineering Service Company Dedicated to Serve the Needs of the Food and Allied Industry

Archi Industrial Products designs CIP systems for the food, pharmaceutical and allied industries with extensive experience in dairy, beverage, processed foods, meat and poultry.

Our Systems have been in operation in a number of countries for years and our design of process and CIP piping layout have provided competitive advantages to our customers large and small with complete automation where required.

We can be very competitive by using the components most appropriate and convenient to the individual application and customer, without limiting to a particular line of products. We can also keep plant standardization where required, using components matching existing in-plant stock.

Our systems are always custom designed to meet the specific requirements of each individual application and plant, so you don't have to compromise in effectiveness, efficiency or cost.

Give us a call, send us an email and we will assist you in making the best capital investment decision in these areas of operation.

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