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About Us

An Engineering Service Company Dedicated to Serve the Needs of the Food and Allied Industry

Dairy Industry: Milk receiving bay and trucks
  Raw milk tanks and lines
  Pasteurized lines, tanks and fillers
  Cheese vats and lines, whey lines, etc.
Beverage Industry: Syrup mixing and holding tanks and lines.
  Carbo-coolers and fillers
  Non-carbonated hot and cold filled lines and fillers.
Breweries: Brewhouse CIP systems
  Fermenters and wort lines
  Bright beer tanks under CO 2 counter-pressure
  Fillers and filling lines
Processed Foods: Emulsion tanks and lines
  Spiral Freezers (non foaming recirculation solutions)
  Tunnel freezers
Egg Processing: Raw egg tanks and lines
  Pasteurized tanks, lines and fillers
Conveyor cleaning: One-way cleaning with foam application.

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