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An Engineering Service Company Dedicated to Serve the Needs of the Food and Allied Industry

All CIP systems can be built according to 3A norms and with 3A approved components for the dairy industry or meeting the pharmaceutical specifications where applicable. Otherwise can be built as customary for the food industry, with SS butterfly valves and a selection of different finishes at customers' choice.

  • Single use, single tank CIP systems.

  • Single use CIP systems with water recovery tank

  • Dual tank reuse CIP systems

  • Multi-tank combination reuse CIP systems

  • Dual reuse CIP systems with common tanks for detergents (acid and/or caustic)

Our systems are fully automated and designed to be totally integrated into your plant operation. Because they are custom designed, we can incorporate the preferred brand name components to make them compatible with the rest of the plant.

Archi Industrial Products has designed manual CIP systems for small operations that can be automated at a later date.

Give us a call, send us an email and we will assist you in making the best capital investment decision in these areas of operation.

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