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Archi Industrial Products can provide you with many quality components at competitive prices. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) we purchase our components at discounted prices and we also sell them to the end user.

Normally if you have a need would have to specify the component and then get a quotation. With Archi Industrial Products you can contact us and we will specify what is needed and will quote the components required.

Types of components sold:

Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for sanitary and industrial uses. (Q pumps, Jabsco, etc.)

Heat exchangers for heating with steam and hot water, cooling with ammonia, Freon, brine, cold water. These can be plate and frame or shell-and-tube industrial and sanitary. (Alfa Laval, Secespol, ITT, etc)

Pneumatic operated piston, ball or butterfly valves for sanitary and industrial uses (Alfa Laval, Candigra, Burkert, etc.)

Instrumentation, sensors, transmitters and gauges (Indumart, Foxboro, Jumo, Endress+Hausen,etc.)

Flexible powder conveyors (Automatic Flexible Conveyors)

Aerial conveyors

Chemical transfer pumps electrical and pneumatic (LMI, Wilden, etc.)

Plumbing specialties including back-flow preventers, check valves, etc.

Give us a call, send us an email and we will assist you in making the best capital investment decision in these areas of operation.

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