Foot Valve Isometric Drawing
All New Valve in the MArket Place for Chemical Applications Foot Valve

This new valve is a breakthrough in the market with all-plastic construction, making it resistant to a large number of harsh chemicals. With no moving parts make it for long lasting service.

It's compact dimensions make it simple and easy to install.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to be self-sealing, independent of specific gravity or viscosity seals reliably with almost no friction loss

  • All-plastic construction in PVC and patented elastomer eliminates corrosion issue with chlorine, all caustic and acid products

  • It does not chatter as there is no ball seal or other loose parts. Therefore it is totally silent in operation

  • Designed to perform at the highest standards and priced competitively to other foot valves

  • Cylindrical compact design is ideally suited to be installed in drums or small containers

model FV-100 FV-050
3.5" 2.5"
2.5" 1.5"
1" FNPT 1/2" FNPT
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