Foot Valve Schematic Drawing
All New Valve in the MArket Place for Chemical Applications Foot Valve with Drum Adapter

This new valve is a breakthrough in the market with all-plastic construction, making it resistant to a large number of harsh chemicals. With no moving parts make it for long lasting service.

It's compact dimensionsand pick up tube with threaded bung make it simple and easy to install with perfect alignment all the time. Touching the bottom of the container will not prevent pumping of product with the designed cut-off feature

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to be self-sealing, independent of specific gravity or viscosity seals relaibly with almost no friction loss

  • All-plastic construction in PVC and patented elastomer eliminates corrosion issue with chlorine, all caustic and acid products

  • It does not chatter as there is no ball seal or other loose parts. Therefore it is totally silent in operation

  • Designed to perform at the highest standards and priced competitively

  • Complete adaptor is ideally suitable for either drum (3 feet) or totes (4 feet)

  • 1/2” FNPT connection will accept regular plastic compression fittings for hose connection to pumps and venturis

model FV050DA    
Outlet Size
0.5 FNPT    
Drum Cap
2 FNPT    
Foot Valve with Drum Adapter
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